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“Thank God you did that.” Alden Ehrenreich was in the middle of answering a question when Lily Collins, his co-star in the film “Rules Don’t Apply,” got up from the sofa to get him a napkin.She had noticed some tea had dribbled from his cup into the saucer and was dangerously close to spilling everywhere. He smiled at her and wiped the bottom of the cup before continuing his answer.“Put that on there before you put it on there,” Collins interrupted again, directing him to mop up the spillage on the saucer, lest the whole process begin again. ” she said in a tone that suggested she knew she was mothering him. The pair enjoys an obvious ease between them, teasing but also helping and building off each other.There, he took acting classes as well as journalism and philosophy classes but didn’t finish his degree.The aspiring actor set up a theatre company and performed in bars and theatres across the city, something he labelled “one of the most rewarding experiences I had when I was in New York”.By Justin Kroll Disney and Lucas Film have found their new Han Solo. ” thesp Alden Ehrenreich has been tapped to star in the “Star Wars”-universe standalone movie revolving around Han Solo, sources tell… By Dave Mc Nary The latest trailer for the Coen brothers’ comedy “Hail Caesar!By Dave Mc Nary There was plenty of warmth on the red carpet during a chilly Monday evening for Universal’s world premiere of “Hail, Caesar! ” delves into a moment of utter futility in Hollywood’s Golden Age.According to Ehrenreich, this is Beatty’s way: He gets a sense of a person until he feels he can trust them. He uses everyone around him and gets everyone’s opinions on everything in the film,” Ehrenreich said.“Because he’s asking you, you end up having input on decisions in the design department and costume department and casting department in all these different ways, because he always says he picks the best people and then uses them, trusts them, asks their opinion.”Beatty’s trust level for Collins and Ehrenreich grew so high that he has suggested that his two stars essentially served as co-directors of the film.

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By Justin Kroll Though testing for Alden Ehrenreich’s co-stars for the upcoming Han Solo spin-off has been slow and steady, the “Star Wars” anthology pic may be getting closer to adding another lead. By Ian Freer LONDON — Directors Rian Johnson, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, accompanied by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, discussed the future of the “Star Wars” franchise at Star Wars Celebration Europe at…The clip shows Ralph Fiennes’ director character trying repeatedly to…