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01-Apr-2017 08:50

I am my own person, I like having my own style and not having to answer to anyone about my life. Looking for like minded female who would like to foster loving yes, I am here to explore what the internet can offer to someone passionate yet intelligent like me. You are such a strange phenomenon, so amazing & simultaneously horrifying.What happened to walking into the room and having the air sucked out of our lungs because someone just caught our attention instantly and when they smiled we just got that rush and had to go over and talk to them? Welcome to Seattle's most exciting singles community.

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" - Daily Mirror "Thank goshness there’s a night dedicated to those of us who have not found ‘The One’ yet" - London i-dating dating night promises the most alternative way to meet people you will ever find.

Two girls, sick to the back teeth of Tindering and Bumbling about the bars of London, decided to create their own speed dating night.