Kannda sex success

03-Dec-2016 11:53

Growing up in Sandur, a small town in Bellary district, jokes about gay men had been common among his school friends.

He continued to encounter them when he went to engineering college and then began work as a software engineer in Bengaluru.

Never mind that the film, which gets its name after a yesteryear Telugu actor who essayed seamy roles, is all about a man who falls in love with a prostitute, how she changes herself for the man she loves and the impact her past has on their relationship.

It is a strong woman-centric film and audiences will experience 'heroinism' for the first time," trumpeted Charmme Kaur just the day before her latest film Jyothi Lakshmi hit the cinema screens on June 12.

It can also be put inside the anus to protect from HIV and other STIs.

The female condom is worn inside the vagina or anus and works by creating a barrier which prevents bodily fluids and semen from entering the body.

Agarwal was angling for a comeback after she abandoned her career following her marriage to a US-based IT professional in 2007 that soon unravelled, forcing her to file for divorce in 2009.

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When used correctly, it will help prevent pregnancy, STIs and HIV.

Though they may seem daunting at first, female condoms are easy to use with a bit of practice. Using a female condom at the same time as a male condom can cause friction and the condoms will be more likely to split.Some people prefer to use a female condom as it means not having to rely on their partner to wear a condom.