Dating cast iron cornbread stick pans

29-Jul-2017 21:24

So I was was looking forward to trying it in my new household. I know now that when we scrubbed the dickens out of it to get all the stuck things off we were just perpetrating the cycle – hindsight is 20/20, right?

However, after a number of years of marriage when my of non-stick skillets started peeling, I realized I didn’t want to keep buying new pans every few years so I needed to figure this cast iron pan thing out.

There’s no date or brand on it, so unless I carbon dated it there’s no real way of knowing its true age.

It’s said, however, that a flat bottom means the cookware is older than one with ridges; mine is flat.

I wish my iron skillet was an old family heirloom because that would make for a better story.

As much as I’d like to embellish, however, I have to admit I bought my iron skillet in an antique shop. ) I found it in Iowa City many years ago, and the shop owner told me it was cast in the early 1900s.

Cast iron’s ability to hold high and even heat for an extended period of time made it ideal for cooking over an open flame.

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This comes from using the industrial vegetable oils that have only been consumed regularly since the 1950’s (and we know cast iron’s been around a lot longer than that).By this time my sad, neglected pan was rusty, but thanks to the internet (not around during my first attempts), I found out how to re-season the pan fairly easily.I can’t find the exact steps I followed, but it was similar to this technique at wiki How.century China, but we are perhaps most familiar with its history in Colonial America.

At this time, the majority of cooking was done in a hearth.I’m going to share a super easy way to clean cast iron skillets whether it be in between uses or if you are like me and let yours sit a little too long in between uses and they have built up rust.

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