Dating of the book of mark

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His mother was a wealthy and prominent Christian in the Jerusalem church, and probably the church met in her home.

Mark joined Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey, but not on the second because of a strong disagreement between the two men (Acts -38).

After the Jerusalem Council, Barnabas and Paul were planning on making their second journey.Barnabas wanted to take John Mark, but Paul opposed the idea because Mark had departed from them on the first Journey.Consequently, Barnabas took John Mark, and Paul took Silas and the two groups went their separate ways (Acts -41).From Peter he received first-hand information of the events and teachings of the Lord, and preserved the information in written form.

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It is generally agreed that Mark is the John Mark of the New Testament (Acts ).There is no evidence for this proposition, so biblical scholars proceed by means of a circular methodology to discover the evidence they need to support it by analyzing different parts of the gospel texts.